About Us_

BHB Energy LLC and BHP Energy Mexico are vertically integrated master distributors, leader in LED lighting and control technology, whose added values are, among others, the branding of the companies and brands they represent. In 2008, the two companies were pioneers in the introduction of high quality LED lighting products for street lighting and commercial spaces. Since then, our portfolio of suppliers has grown and we have successfully introduced and commercialized many leading brands in the markets of the U.S., Mexico and Latin America, such as:

BHB Energy LLC and BHP Energy Mexico have carried out high value LED lighting installations in Mexico, Latin America, the U.S. and Spain in most market sectors, including commercial and residential indoor and outdoor lighting, industrial, architectural, petrochemical, hotel, military spaces , federal prisons, road infrastructure, municipalities, urban developments, in addition to having carried out some projects using the ESCO model and now APP.

BHB Energy LLC and BHP Energy Mexico are also recognized as a specialists in LED lighting solutions with solar energy and have public lighting installations of several thousand integral solar systems of cutting-edge technology in various high-speed arteries in Mexico.

Our team is highly trained and is proud to offer excellent customer service and support in pre-and post-sales, qualities that mark the identity of our company.

BHB Energy LLC
Tel.+1 (212) 254 0500
White Plains, NY 10607 USA.

BHP Energy México S. de R.L. de C.V.
Tel.+52 55 5251 2008 Ext. 105
Col. Bosques de Las Lomas, México D.F. 11700